Interpretive Report

A students’ interests are a result of what he / she has learned and experienced up to this point in his / her life. The Interpretive Report based on the RIASEC model and values, would identify the primary, secondary and tertiary ‘interest’ of a student. This is known as the ‘Inner Drive’ score.

The ‘Inner Drive’ score is used to estimate the degree of fit between a student and an occupation or field of study. Hence, the report would have a listing of possible ‘field of study’, ‘occupations’ and ‘developmental activities’ for every student based on his / her unique ‘Inner Drive’ score.

The options listed in the Interpretive Report would help a student in getting an idea of many possibilities for their future ‘field of study’ or ‘job opportunities’ based on their own ‘interests’. These choices could further be pruned with the help of professional counseling to aid future career planning.